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Konshens Changes the Game With Konz Shoes

Jamaican dance hall superstar Konshens has made a major power move with the ground breaking launch of his shoe line Konz 876.

With this game-changing move, Konshens will set new standards for the dancehall game because Konz 876 is not a mere endorsement deal for Konshens as he will have equity in the venture and play a key role in all marketing and design decisions. alongside his business partners.

"The plan is to build the first worldwide recognized dancehall brand and we seem to be doing that with the huge amount of pre orders just based on posts from my Instagram and Twitter accounts. Dancehall has for many years been looked at as just a hustle, I want to take brand "dancehall" to the globe and do it in a way where we will benefit outside of just the music," Konshens said in a release.

"Dancehall and Reggae music have the widest range of core fans worldwide and I think the only thing that separates us from other more mainstream genres is the lack of entrepreneurship on our part as artistes. There's so much more we can do to maximize on our potential,influence and pulling power."