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Vegas says he and Bounty Killer are enemies over a woman!

Following last week's Twitter escapade involving dancehall artistes Bounty Killer and Mr Vegas, the controversial and outspoken Mr Vegas has once again added fuel to the fire by alleging that he had a relationship with one of Bounty's ex-girlfriends.

According to Mr Vegas, his relationship with the unnamed female is what caused the breakdown in his friendship with Bounty Killer.

"Wey it really a stem from, me carry a girl from country namenow the girl come a town, and mi see sey har head giddy, she a run road, yu see wey mi a sey. Suh him (Bounty Killer) start sleep with the girl, him mussi rent a house and put di girl inna and one a him youth dem pass an see mi a come outa the girl house, but a my girl wey mi carry from country," Mr Vegas told Ragashanti on his talk show, Ragashanti Live.

Mr Vegas claimed that since a member of Bounty's entourage told him (Bounty) about his relationship with the woman, Bounty Killer started questioning the woman about her relationship with him (Mr Vegas).

"After that now the man start bun mi out and call me names, all kinda something. It's been going on for years and mi ignore this bredda," he added.

Mr Vegas told Ragashanti that he and Bounty Killer have been at odds for over 13 years during which Bounty Killer blocked him from recording on certain popular rhythms.

"Mi nah look nuh forward, retweet, nor comments, nor likes, mi a tell yu facts. When mi wah record Pull Up mi haffi pay Skatta fi record pon di rhythm. My brethren Frenchie went to Jamaica with a rhythm. When the man link di artiste (Bounty Killer) di man sey a $250,000 fi record pon the rhythm and if Mr Vegas deh pon it him nah voice, so this is not only word throwing, this is somebody who is trying to stop yu career," Mr Vegas said.